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US$ 999,999

Modular RDM Splitter  (Two modes)
■ Adopt international DMX512-RDM two-way communication protocol;
    It allows your controller  to easily and accessibly read and set the parameters of
    light over long distances.(For example: Set the light address,
    read library parameter and find light) Also connect more lights.  

■ In appointed site ,it can be easily divided into 2pieces 4ways DMX512-RDM splitter or
    1piece 8ways that you can select more output ports and connect more devices. 

■ Adopt modular design in each input and output port, easy to configure the number and
    position of 3pin or 5pin module. At the same time, offer more convenient protection method in appointed site.

■ Possess isolated power supply system and signal output indication in each module.
    Electrical isolation technology between each port  to make them not electrical connection,
    effectively avoid interaction of devices in whole internet and protect them.

■ Up to 6 -level series extension are supported. Realize two-way communication control over long distance.

■ Possess bidirectional DMX512-RDM protocol function. Can feedback the light data to MA and other RDM light controller.

■ Electrical isolation voltage of each port:>AC300V

■ N.W: 2.38KG  48*4.5*12.5CM  “19”1U 

■ G.W: 2.78KG   53.5*18.5*10CM