HowFun international company entered the stage lighting market through our personal brand- EAGLE LIGHT. We use our professional techniques and stage lighting applications to design and produce various high-quality stage lighting equipment and moving head lights.

The products we designed, including LED PAR lights, LED WASH moving spot lights, beam lights, 電腦光束燈/變焦電腦燈, etc, have been widely used in different kinds of professional performances and entertainment places and has become the biggest supplier for stage lighting equipment in Taiwan.

After relocated in 2014, we cooperated with YODN Lighting Corp. and XMLITE to develop more powerful and functional moving head lights. At the same time, we also released a professional lighting equipment- “ART-OPA” with higher quality. “ART-OPA” is based on the concept of visual art to develop advanced lighting equipment.

With lots of support, HowFun dedicates ourselves to stage lighting applications and formed a “lighting art” group. The group applies the light in a wide variety of areas, including culture performances, art, to name just a few. Our excellent control skills and applications allowed us to successfully perform Taipei 101 lighting show, which made the world want to learn the skills from us. HowFun has been putting every effort to master our skills and trying to cooperate with the outstanding teams around the world. We hope that by bringing those professional skills to the stage lighting industry, the skills and techniques of the industry can move to a higher level.