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US$ 999,999

DMX signal amplifier, repeater

1) Achieve the long distance transmission of DMX512 signal
2) Expand the number of fixture
3) Enhance signal, filter out signal interference

CA8102 is a built-in international standard DMX512 light protocol signal repeater product,
which can shape and amplify the attenuated DMX512 data to achieve stable transmission of
ultra-long distance signal. It is suitable for large-scale outdoor square lighting and
bridge guardrail Signal enhancement and restoration processing in the middle position of
the light string such as long-distance lighting and building decoration lighting.

CA8102 provides mutually isolated power supply for the input and output ports,
and the signal transmission of the input and output ports uses photoelectric isolation technology,
so that there is no electrical connection between the input and output ports,
and each pin of each port is provided with a surge High voltage absorption and protection circuit.
Therefore, the crosstalk between high-voltage pulses in the network is effectively blocked,
the high-voltage pulses are suppressed, and the safety of the equipment and the reliability of
communication are guaranteed.
Waterproof level:IP68
Input and output Agreement:International DMX Agreement 
Transmission capacity:Supporting 512channels’s real time transmission                                                                                                  Signal output:1in 1out
Signal connecting socket:5pin waterproof line
The mode of port:RS-485
Political isolation of the input to the output:>AC300V
Appearance size:139*53*41