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US$ 999,999

DMX Smart Splitter (Lighting doctor)
■ 8ch output ports have strong system remind function.
■ All in-output ports have the protective function for the wrong cable connection.
■ Output 8chs DMX signal after the electrical isolation with signal indicator light in every way 
■ Digital signal system: DMX 512 and true RS-485 rated.
■ 1ch signal input and 8ch direct signal output
■ Port style:RS-485
■ The carton of signal connection:input XLR-3-M, output XLR-3-F
■ Political isolation of the input to the output: >AC300V
■ Voltage: AC90-240V/ 50-60Hz
■ N.W:1.9KG   48.4*13.5*4.5CM  “19” 1U
■ G.W: 2.3KG  53.5x18.5x10CM