[Quick Design Your Show MH512]
Quick Design Your Show MH512
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US$ 999,999

New DMX Control Idea Drawing Your Show 

Touch-Drawing lighting controller, with a brand new hand-drawing control and
programming concept, subversively changes the simplicity and speed of controlling fixtures. 

If you are a novice, you can be promoted to a lighting engineer immediately;
if you are a lighting engineer It will save you time and effort.

■ Channels: DMX 512 Channels
■ Support 3 light modes: UNIT、LED、DIMMER
■ Booting to use: Fast to set up library(without instruction, set up library on site); Make   
    library on controller anytime and support R20 library(Can save 200 libraries)
■ Fast touch screen control (operate touch screen and keyboard at the same time)
■ Easy to remember and find the content (handwritten names can be marked at any time)
■ Drawing quick programming and fixtures operating,palette quick RGB color mixing.
■ 2 fixtures programming running modes: loop mode /player trigger mode.
■ Audio&Video synchronization in player mode: controller synchronizes with MH-Player 
    audio and video files two-way sync control.
■ Built-in timeline that convenient to make lighting show
■ 80 fixtures running or scenes, running 20 scenes or programmings at the same time, 
    outputting 20 shapes maximum.
■ Ambience programming key provides with rendering ambience programming.
■ 80 editable group function, quickly choose the fixtures and attributes.32 editable built-in  
■ Shape: 20 editable shapes and 20 built-in shapes; each shape provides with 2 outputting 
    modes(different drawing directions)
■ Support USB data: Backup and Restore
■ With built-in instructions: guide you the operation anytime;
■ Full Chinese and English displaying and panels choose-able.
■ Professional work lamp, suitable for show inside and outside 
■ Voltage: AC90-240V/50-60Hz   Power: 60W  
■ N.W:4.3KG  62X24.5X7.5CM(Console ) 
■ G.W: 10.84kg  67X28.5X19CM